G.M.Shah (Shaheen), the State Party President of Janata Dal United is a Politician from District Baramulla, Jammu & Kashmir. He's had his Masters in Science from Kashmir University, an active sportsman, born in 24the February 1965. Shaheen has been politically active since youth, a Student Union Leader who's had a active Life during College Times. Joined as ground-based air traffic controller at Delhi Airport and had a service of 5 years motivated Shaheen to soar high. Left the job in 1988 and joined Indian National Congress, worked as General Secretary of State congress in 1989. Shaheen joined Janta Dal United in 1994 and rose to become the party president of Janta Dal United jammu and kashmir state in 1998. Resigned from party in 2004 and joined the party again in 2016. Now again serving as Party Presient of Janata Dal United jammu and Kashmir state .
Shaheen Shah has been a forerunner in Safeguarding the Human Rights of People of Kashmir, a Crusader in fighting the social evils and in promoting local talent. He's taken the Janata Dal United Party in State by leaps and bounds, and it's with his efforts the Party has flourished to a higher level from grass-root.

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